Media Literacy Days 2021 attracted great interest in Croatia

Numerous events and new educational materials

21 May 2021
Dječak s mobitelom


  • Over 260 events in 115 cities and towns aimed at developing media literacy
  • Over 15,200 children, young people and adults took part in the events
  • During the Media Literacy Days 2021, educational materials were downloaded from the website over 75,000 times, and more than 435,000 times since 2018.

Zagreb, 21 May 2021 – The Fourth Media Literacy Days organised by the Agency for Electronic Media and UNICEF, under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Media and the Ministry of Science and Education, drew great interest from citizens, teaching staff, children and young people. This year’s focus was on the effect that media and digital platforms have on young people’s mental health, but also on the burning issue of disinformation. In more than 260 online or live events that took place in 115 towns in all counties, there were opportunities to improve their media literacy and learn about media and the effect of media on the way we feel.

To support children and young people to better cope with the challenges brought by contemporary media, UNICEF and the Agency for Electronic Media this year again prepared educational materials aimed at parents, educators, primary- and secondary-school teachers with a view to develop media literacy, encourage discussion and improve knowledge about the effects of media on the mental health and emotions of children and young people, as well as knowledge about influencers, disinformation and the collection of data on digital platforms.

A total of 28 educational materials and 18 video lessons are available on the website. Based on this material, workshops can be organised in kindergartens, elementary schools and high schools – as part of face-to-face or online teaching. During the Fourth Media Literacy Days,  educational materials were downloaded from the website over 75,000 times, and since 2018, when the Media Literacy Days project was launched, educational materials have been downloaded over 435,000 times.

A film competition for elementary and secondary schools was held as part of the Media Literacy Days, which the Agency for Electronic Media and UNICEF organise in cooperation with the Croatian Film Association. This year’s topic was “The Media and My Feelings”, and a record number of 39 films made by children and young people were received.

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