Violeta (10) misses her roller skates the most

Story of Nikolić family from the area hit by the earthquake

Marina Knežević Barišić
Dječji crtež potresa
13 January 2021

We met Nikolić family of six while they were in joint accommodation in the Brezovica sports hall in Sisak. A family house in Capraše Poljane was severely damaged in the earthquakes.

"It was awful. We got scared, the kids started crying. And I got scared, my head hurt a lot later. I'm afraid to go into the house. It feels like I'm going to my grave, not to my house. The house was in bad condition before, and the earthquake just made it even worse. Corners broke, bricks collapsed, chimney fell off. Here, in the sports hall we have food and everything we need, people are very nice, but we are all together – families with children, then elderly and sick, we are afraid of corona. Shared accommodation is not a permanent solution, but our house has not yet been inspected", Stanislav, a father of four, shared with us.

The oldest is Violeta (10), then Želimir (9), Valentina (7) and the youngest is Vanesa who is five years old. In the sports hall they felt safe, but it was difficult for the children to stay there.

Obitelj Nikolić
Tata Stanislav s Valentinom (7), Želimirom (9), Violetom (10) i najmlađom Vanesom (5). Supruga je bila kod liječnika kada smo ih posjetili.

"We were out for entire four days, then we came here. It was scary out there. We slept in my cousin's car, but they went to Slavonski Brod. Then we came here to the hall”, shares Violeta, 10, and adds;  "It's fine here, but people complain about us kids, they say we bother them. We have been drawing the other day and one lady complained that we were loud, that we were intruding her, that we were making a fuss and that we should play outside. But it was raining outside, and it was cold. We can't play in the hallway anymore."

Violeta (10) misses her roller skates the most but they are at home and she doesn't know if she'll be able to get to them.

The older children are attending Braće Bobetko primary school and should be back in class soon. Violeta is looking forward to returning to school. Her favorite subject is Croatian language, and she likes a sports group where she does different sports, her favorite is running. When she grows up, Violeta wants to be a hairdresser. In the meantime, the family returned to the Capraške Poljane where they got a container and placed it in their yard. Children are happy because they can enjoy playing undisturbed again


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