UNICEF establishes its new Culture and Diversity team

We're making UNICEF a more diverse and inclusive workspace for all. Join us as we're transforming our Organization.

13 December 2021
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A new Culture and Diversity team is being established in the Office of the Executive Director, in UNICEF's headquarters in New York.

The new team will oversee, monitor, coordinate, and support the implementation of all of UNICEF’s efforts to become a more diverse, equitable and inclusive organization - both in its programming, advocacy, and partnerships for children, as well as for its own workforce, and its internal operations.

For every child, inclusion

UNICEF is at an important turning point, with the adoption of the recommendations from its internal Task Team on Anti-Racism and Discrimination and its new Strategic Plan 2022-25. Both of these milestones position UNICEF to be a greater champion of anti-racism and non-discrimination in all its forms, whether based on age, gender, race, ethnicity, regional origin, disability status, sexual orientation, etc. As an organization that champions the human rights based approach to programming for all children, with a focus on equity and reaching every child, UNICEF must also strive to apply the same principles of equity, non-discrimination and inclusion for its own employees.

Geeta Narayan, our Principal Adviser on Organizational Culture, presented the new Culture and Diversity team in a Live Event on LinkedIn on Thursday, January 13, 2022.

Watch the recording, and learn more about the new team and how we're transforming UNICEF into a more diverse and inclusive Organization.

Video: Watch Geeta Narayan as she describes the new team

Geeta Narayan is UNICEF's Principal Adviser on Organizational Culture and is leading the initiative. In this video, she introduces the new Culture and Diversity team and the roles comprising it.

Professionals from around the world were invited to bring their expertise in the field of diversity and inclusion, disability, or organizational culture.

The video is available in sign language and offers subtitles in Arabic, English, French or Spanish.


The roles in the new
Culture and Diversity team

We are transforming UNICEF and the lives of children and young people.

Applications close on 20 January 2022

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisor, P5

Senior Adviser - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, P5

Project Manager Disability Inclusion, P4

Project Manager Disability Inclusion, P4

Social and Behavioral Change Specialist, P4

Social and Behavioral Change Specialist, P4

Data and Monitoring Specialist, P3

Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist, P3