22 June 2022

UNICEF provides reasonable accommodation for job candidates and personnel with disabilities

Fingers on a braille document Ensuring equal opportunities in our application processes is a central consideration for UNICEF. The provision of reasonable accommodation for job applicants, candidates and employees with disabilities is a step in that direction., What is reasonable accommodation, "Reasonable accommodation" means the necessary and appropriate modifications and adjustments to ensure to persons with disabilities the enjoyment on an equal basis with others of all human rights and fundamental freedoms.  In the UNICEF workplace, reasonable accommodation is pivotal to ensure that candidates and employees with disabilities can…, How can job candidates request reasonable accommodation?, UNICEF offers reasonable accommodation for job candidates during the recruitment process. Job applicants can disclose their disability and accommodation needs in the application form, which will be seen by the recruiter. If you are a candidate that has been shortlisted for a position at UNICEF and you need accommodation during the hiring process (…, UNICEF is striving to be a disability inclusive organization, UNICEF DHR In the video message, Hannan Sulieman, UNICEF’s Deputy Executive Director for Management, presents our approach towards reasonable accommodation and the rights of employees with disabilities at UNICEF >Learn more about UNICEF’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion
13 December 2021

UNICEF establishes its new Culture and Diversity team

Children playing A new Culture and Diversity team is being established in the Office of the Executive Director, in UNICEF's headquarters in New York. The new team will oversee, monitor, coordinate, and support the implementation of all of UNICEF’s efforts to become a more diverse, equitable and inclusive organization - both in its programming,…, For every child, inclusion, UNICEF is at an important turning point, with the adoption of the recommendations from its internal Task Team on Anti-Racism and Discrimination and its new  Strategic Plan 2022-25 . Both of these milestones position UNICEF to be a greater champion of anti-racism and non-discrimination in all its forms, whether based on age, gender, race, ethnicity…, Video: Watch Geeta Narayan as she describes the new team, UNICEF Division of Human Resources Geeta Narayan is UNICEF's Principal Adviser on Organizational Culture and is leading the initiative. In this video, she introduces the new Culture and Diversity team and the roles comprising it. Professionals from around the world were invited to bring their expertise in the field of diversity and inclusion,…, The roles in the new Culture and Diversity team, We are transforming UNICEF and the lives of children and young people.   Applications close on 20 January 2022 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisor, P5 Senior Adviser - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, P5 Project Manager Disability Inclusion, P4 Project Manager Disability Inclusion, P4 Social and Behavioral Change Specialist, P4 Social and…
20 November 2020

International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2020: The stories of Zoë and Thierry

I stopped compromising, I stopped cutting out the parts of me that made others uncomfortable, I stopped allowing the opposite sex to make me feel small, and I stopped hiding my mixed-race heritage and disabilities. Instead I began to challenge, I began to find the right language to speak about my truths and I began to feel a sense of empowerment…, Zoë Gan, Child Protection Specialist, UNICEF Malaysia "When I was 7, I landed in the white-washed, predominantly White Irish immigrant suburb of inner-city North Manchester, United Kingdom. I was darker skinned, had a strong Malaysian-English “Manglish” accent (splattered with Hokkien, Bahasa Malaysia and Tamil words of which I did not know the English…, Disabilities and COVID-19, Living with disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic has completely unraveled all the coping mechanisms I have carefully put in place to manage my day-to-day challenges. I need a quiet place to work, with no distractions, a space where I can concentrate, order my thoughts and access my assistive software efficiently. However, now my lockdown home…, Thierry Beniflah, Senior ICT Business Relationship Manager, UNICEF Division of Information and Communication Technology, New York Headquarters. "I am 53 years old and have been a UNICEF HQ employee since November 2010. Between the ages of 20 and 45, I have experienced month-long mood swings: I would either radiate sparkling energy, sleep 3-4 hours a night and…, Impact of COVID-19 on mental health, More recently, I have experienced the impact of COVID - 19 on my mental well-being. I have been prone to more depressive episodes (this  study  showed that the prevalence of depression symptoms in the US was more than 3-fold higher during COVID - 19 than before the pandemic. The UN  estimates  that 49% of our personnel experience symptoms…, UNICEF's diverse and inclusive workplace, At UNICEF, we're constantly striving to be more inclusive. By building accessible offices, making our IT systems accessible, providing reasonable accommodation, to ensure that employees with disabilities can perform their duties without barriers. We strived to shift our culture and break stigma and discrimination to ensure that the number of…