Survey on Children’s Education in Bangladesh 2021

Survey Findings Report

Bangladeshi children


This extraordinary scale of the impact of school closures was confirmed in the National Survey on Children’s Education in Bangladesh 2021, a joint survey by the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics and UNICEF.

The survey shows that the hardest hit are the most vulnerable children who have limited access to the Internet and TV, and who lack supportive devices such as computers or smartphones at home. Fewer children from rural areas (15.9 per cent) participated in remote learning, such as online and televised, compared to those from urban areas (28.7 per cent).

Significant geographical disparities also come to the fore with the highest percentage of students remotely participating in classes in Khulna and Dhaka (23.4 per cent and 23.1 per cent respectively), and the lowest in Mymensingh (5.7 per cent).

The youngest children carry the heaviest burden as participation in remote classes was lower among primary school children (13.1 per cent) compared to secondary students (20.3 per cent in lower secondary and 23.7 per cent in upper secondary).

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Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics and UNICEF
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