4 ways to use less paper at home

Here are a few climate friendly ways from UNICEF and Austrian Development Agency on how to use paper more efficiently at home

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UNICEF Armenia/2020/Margaryan
05 June 2020
Replace disposable paper towels with reusable cloths

Paper towels have become a daily fact of life for most. More than 13 billion pounds of paper towels are used each year only in the USA. Producing all that paper consumes around 110 million trees per year, and 130 billion gallons of water. Comparably huge amounts of energy are required to manufacture and deliver it from the factory to the store, causing plenty of carbon dioxide to be emitted into the atmosphere. After a single use, it all goes into the landfill. 12 Sustainable Alternatives To Paper Towels Your Kitchen Needs


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UNICEF Armenia/2020/Margaryan
Buy used books, or borrow books instead of purchasing new ones

Consider swapping books with friends and family, supporting libraries by borrowing, or buying used books instead of purchasing new ones. Switching to e-books can also save trees! Learn more about Ebooks and the environmental impact of the print publishing industry.


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UNICEF Armenia/2020/Margaryan
Use reusable and washable cloth napkins

A small and seemingly insignificant item, like a table napkin, can have a significant environmental impact. For instance, 150 million people, used 1 paper napkin per meal 3 times a day, 164,250,000,000 (yes billion) napkins would be used over just a 1-year period.

Another problem is that paper napkins cannot be recycled after they are used since they are often contaminated by food. Read this interesting analysis -Paper vs. Cloth Table Napkins


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UNICEF Armenia/2020/Margaryan
If you must print, use Garamond instead of Times New Roman

The smaller the font on a document, the less ink, electricity, and paper it requires to print. Garamond is the most economical of the basic font choices because it has the equivalent of a 10-point font rendered on a 12-point line, while still being legible.

Also choose fonts that are sans serif or light, as those little flourishes can add up to a lot of extra ink usage. Find other 5 Eco-Fonts



Let's go green and save water, paper, energy, use less plastic and improve air quality. It's possible.