In the World of Dolphins

This story aims to explain the notion of war and conflict- related situations to preschool and elementary school- age children in an accessible way that helps them process challenging emotions.

Հայրիկը իր երկու տարեկան տղայի համար գիրք է կարդում։
UNICEF Armenia/2020/Margaryan


“In the World of Dolphins” is a story about a family of dolphins living in the Emerald Sea, and how they had to flee because of problems and fights between dolphins and sharks.

This story recalls how they left behind their fathers, brothers and homes, and moved to a new big ocean. It also further explores how they overcame their hard times together and started to adapt and enjoy their new life, with some returning back to their sea, some staying in the ocean, and others swimming further to far away waters.

The story also allows parents to explain to their children the difficult challenges and emotions that might occur in war and conflict situations in a visual, accessible way. With the help of the characters in the fairy tale, children will become acquainted with the possible emotional reactions and behavioral manifestations in such situations.

Դելֆինների իլուստրացիա։
Parenting School Armenia, UNICEF
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