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Comic book to support children affected by war

Armine and her new friends in Yegheghis enjoying a break outside in Yeghgnadzor, Armenia.
UNICEF Armenia/2020/Galstyan


During and after the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, it became apparent that it was difficult to provide psychological support to all children that were affected. While UNICEF was already working in the field to provide psychosocial assistance to children and caregivers, additional means and resources were needed to reach more children, from human resources to materials and time.

We partnered with the Paradigma Educational Foundation and Tigran Mangasaryan, a prominent artist, to create a resource for school-age children that would walk them through various scenarios of adverse situations, offering ways to cope with the hard feelings that come with it. It is designed to help children develop skills on self-awareness, going through bereavement and dealing with uncertainty and fears.

The graphic novel was then effectively paired with other forms of psychosocial support for the greater benefit of children and adolescents.

Հետո ի՞նչ եղավ գրքկի կազմ: Քաղաքի լուսանկար վերևից: Կազմի ձախ անկյունում թիթեռ է
Paradigma Educational Foundation
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