Teacher Education for Inclusion (TE41)

Profile of inclusive teachers


The Teacher Education for Inclusion (TE4I) project has explored how all teachers are prepared via their initial education to be ‘inclusive’. The three year project set out to identify the essential skills, knowledge and understanding, attitudes and values needed by everyone entering the teaching profession, regardless of the subject, specialism or age range they will teach or the type of school they will work in.

This Profile of Inclusive Teachers has been developed as one of the main outputs of the Teacher Education for Inclusion (TE4I) project conducted by the European Agency for Development in Special Needs Education. A specific request coming from Agency country representatives was for concrete information on the necessary competences, attitudes, knowledge and skills required of all teachers working in inclusive settings. This document is a direct response to that request.

Teacher education for inclusion cover
European Agency for Development in Special Needs Education 2012
Publication date
978-87-7110-337-3 (Electronic); 978-87-7110-316-8 (Print)

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