Education on Climate Change and Sustainable Development

Air Quality, Environment and Climate Change


Why is important learning for sustainable development and climate change?

"The investments we can make for children now will ensure they survive, grow and resist climate and environmental shocks. UNICEF protects these investments while supporting children with the education and skills they need to help make the world a greener and safer place for them."

UNICEF, in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Sport and the Agency for Quality Assurance of Pre-University Education, designed the manual "Education on Climate Change and Sustainable Development".

This resource material for teachers comes as an innovation with a focus on the education of students in grades VI-IX on air quality, climate change, enriched with information and awareness activities that can be directed by students themselves in school and community.

Developing the competence of environmental action and sustainability among students is one of the key steps to foster concrete actions that every individual can take, especially children in schools to lead the needed changes for climate change.

Teacher training, school activities that promote air quality and climate change are the next steps UNICEF will continue to support in the schools in Albania where this manual will be promoted and used.

This manual and interventions are implemented within the framework of the regional project "Air Quality in the Western Balkans", implemented by UNICEF and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (SwEpa), with financial support from the Swedish government (SIDA).

Edukimi Për Ndryshimet Klimatike Dhe Për Zhvillim Të Qëndrueshëm
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