A free, easy-to-use app, to give to the children a good start, for a lifetime is launched in Albania

The newest application to help the parents is available in Albania

30 May 2022
The minister of Health and Social Protection in Albania showing Bebbo to a young child
Ministry of Health and Social Protection/2022

On the eve of National Children’s Day, UNICEF, jointly with the Ministries of Health and Social Protection is releasing “Bebbo”, it is the first mobile parenting app to support parents and other caregivers of children from zero to six years old. This application aims to reach 1.5 million parents across 11 countries in Europe and  20.000 in Albania.

Nowadays, misinformation continues to spread and get clicks. Finding reliable health information takes a little effort. There are few magazines or books for children’s health trustworthy. But some are not. The advice provided in the “Bebbo” application is based on many years of parental, pedagogic, and medical experience and expertise.

This free parenting support app will provide parents with expert advice on a large range of child health and development issues, from nutrition and breastfeeding to early learning and the value of play, responsive parenting, protection, and safety. It will also include specific guidance for parents and caregivers on how to ensure their own well-being. To accompany parents during the first years of their children's lives, “Bebbo” also includes features allowing parents to record vaccinations, health check-ups, and other key development milestones.

“The most crucial component in child-rearing and development is for parents to have the right information in order to provide the best possible care for their children. I am pleased that this new application, made possible by our UNICEF partner, will provide young parents with the chance to learn more about positive parenting. We are frequently prey to inaccurate information or an internet infodemic that misleads or concerns parents. As a result, I am delighted that the Bebbo app, which is available in Albanian, is now accessible. Experts have confirmed it, it is scientifically proven, and it gives simple information that can be easily downloaded and used."

The Minister of Health and Social Protection, Ms. Ogerta Manastirliu

“As contact points in health-care facilities or preschools, staff can encourage parents to use the app, or refer to it themselves for quick tips. Home visitors and nurses could help parents download Bebbo to jointly review a child’s vaccination schedule or developmental milestones achieved while offering additional in-person guidance. “Thanks to the generous support of the EU (DGNear) for helping to strengthen continuity of maternal and child health & nutrition services in the context of COVID-19 through counseling for health and wellbeing using e-platforms for timely and quality counseling of parents,” said Dr. Roberto De Bernardi, UNICEF Representative in Albania.

With the Albanian version available and readily accessible, coordinated plans are in place to promote and further spotlight Bebbo during the parenting month in June, to ensure that it reaches more parents/caregivers all over Albania.

UNICEF estimate that there is over 150,000 potential user(parents and caregivers)of children under 5 who can benefit from the app and its contents which is available for Android and iOS mobile phones. Bebbo adheres to principles of digital public goods ensuring data protection and privacy for all users.

UNICEF Rep. in Albania and the minister of Health and Social Protection shaking hands
Ministry of Health and Social Protection/2022

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