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Adopt environment-friendly behaviors - Young people of Albania are asking.

22 May 2023
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Today, we are proud to announce the launch of YouthMove4Air&Climate2, a groundbreaking initiative in the framework of the Agreement between Sweden and UNICEF for Improved Air Quality in the Western Balkans. The initiative aims at inspiring and mobilizing young people in Albania and across the region to take meaningful action towards addressing the urgent challenges of air quality and climate change.

Voices of young people are crucial in shaping policies, driving innovation, and fostering sustainable practices. According to data collected from U -Report in Albania, in 2022, out of 214 respondents 81 percent of them believe that climate change and air pollution problems are intertwined, while  83 percent of respondents feel that air quality in their cities has deteriorated since they were children.

As part of YouthMove4Air&Climate2, nearly 250 young people from diverse backgrounds will come together to exchange ideas, share knowledge, and collaborate on initiatives that promote cleaner air and accountability for this topic, both at local and national levels. Through the UNICEF flagship program, UPSHIFT young people (15-24 years old) from all over Albania will work together on creative solutions that have a social impact on air quality, deforestation, reducing waste, promoting public transport, saving water resources, etc.

Today, youth will take over the baton, engage in action as per #YouthManifesto4AirQuality, and continue the open structured dialogue with the Ministry of Tourism and Environment in Albania. In order to promote air quality activism and information sharing, interactive spaces are created to engage with youth such as -the Air Quality ‘Wheel of Knowledge’, the Monopoly game: ‘How Green are my Daily Actions’, and Textile Bags ‘ARTivism’.

“Climate change is an intergenerational issue – we need to take action now for our children’s sake and for us as well. We at UNICEF believe that it is the responsibility of policymakers, individuals, and especially youth and industries (private sector) to work together to find solutions for air quality and climate change. And while this phase of the project starts, key actions from the Youth Manifesto will be supported to be translated into action. And for this, we need each one of you.” UNICEF Representative, Dr. Roberto De Bernardi, says.

“Climate change is real and it is here. For Sweden, protecting the environment, having clean air, and working towards a   sustainable future for the planet and for people is a priority. To achieve this it is essential to engage young people to hear their thought and ideas and most of all it is important for institutions and governments to involve young people in policy and decision-making. This initiative working towards better air quality in Albania and the whole Western Balkans is very important because you, the young people, take charge to create a better future!”

Through this initiative, UNICEF aims to support more than 250 young leaders who are passionate about environmental stewardship to raise awareness of air quality information and watchdog skills in nine municipalities of Shkodër, Kurbin, Tiranë, Durrës, Elbasan, Fier, Berat, Pogradec, and Korçë emphasizing the importance of individual and collective action. Recognizing the need for collective action, UNICEF and its partners will be asking municipalities to take proactive measures to educate their communities on the significance of clean air and the long-term benefits it offers.

This project is implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism and Environment, EDEN Centre, ICTSLab, and UNICEF Albania, with the generous support of the Swedish Government.


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