Recovery and Response Plan


The present plan sets out the United Nations (UN) consolidated socio-economic recovery and response plan, which complements the Government of Albania National Response Plan and the National Strategic Preparedness & Response Plan (SPRP), issued in February 2020 and updated in May 2020.
COVID-19 has the potential to cause three waves of morbidity and mortality: the first is due the disease itself; the second to the inability of health systems to maintain health services,1 and the third is due to increased levels of unemployment, poverty, economic repercussions, disruption to social services and social systems, and increasing inequalities. Based on current evidence, the most plausible scenario for the evolution of the pandemic may involve recurring epidemic waves interspersed with periods of lower-level transmission2. The challenge for the government and the health system in a recurring epidemic wave scenario with compounding waves of mortality and morbidity is to remain ready to provide the full range of services needed to prevent, diagnose, isolate and treat COVID-19 patients, while providing the full spectrum of health services and strengthen its health system towards Universal Health Coverage. This requires a dual track health system response which will test many countries3. In addition, it is imperative to plan and implement well-coordinated social and economic measures, responses and strategies that reduce the negative far-reaching socioeconomic impact of the pandemic on people, the economy, social systems and local delivery of services.

UN Albania Plan

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