Apostolic Religion, Health and Utilization of Maternal and Child Health Services in Zimbabwe

A qualitative study on determinants of healthcare-seeking behavior among the Apostolic Faith community.

Apostolic Religion, Utilization of Maternal Health Services
UNICEF Zimbabwe/2011/Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi


 This qualitative study on determinants of healthcare seeking behavior among Apostolic Faith community (Vapostori) was commissioned in December 2010 by the Collaborating Center for Operational Research and Evaluation (CCORE, UNICEF) in response to the need to understand beliefs and practices that lead to acceptance or rejection of preventive and promotive health and social practices among Apostolic religious groups in Zimbabwe, focusing on those practices that affect women and children. It sought to provide in-depth, rich description and understanding of the different groups within the Apostolic community, and offer evidence that would be used in generating and informing future communication strategies for health and social development in Apostolic communities as well as strategic recommendations for program interventions. In addition, the study also highlighted “best practice situations” where optimal collaboration between the Apostolic community and formal healthcare providers was identified by the respondents.

Dr. Brian Maguranyanga, PhD (Michigan), MA Sociology (Wits), BSc (Honors) Sociology & Dip SW (UZ)
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