UNICEF Zambia Country Office Annual Report Summary, 2021

The highlights of UNICEF's support to Zambia in 2021

Children play in the adult literacy lecture room area at Chamikango Early Childhood Development centre in Katete, Eastern Province, ahead of its opening on the 18th of February, 2022.


2021 was a year for reimagining the future for every child.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has hit vulnerable children first and hardest. Strong progress over the last decade on child health, including reducing maternal and child mortality rates has been threatened. School closures have created a shadow crisis for children. Beyond falling behind on their education, many children are experiencing increased anxiety, and being exposed to abuse and violence.

Yet, with disruption comes opportunity. As a key player in Zambia’s multisectoral response to the pandemic, UNICEF has ensured that the rights and welfare of children in Zambia remains at the top of every agenda. Our goal today remains ensuring recovery by prioritising investments for children in vaccines, learning for all, efficient financial mechanisms and robust programming.

The Country Office Annual Report (2021) brief provides an overview of our child rights work across our core sectors in Zambia.

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