Country Office Annual Report Summary, 2020

The highlights of our support to Zambia during the first year of the COVID-19 response

Boy on mother's back with blue hat in Zambia


2020 was a challenging year for Zambia with the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the tail end of the drought response. COVID-19 has presented unprecedented challenges, requiring an urgent recalibration of systems, programmes and resources, and intensified collaboration with government and partners. UNICEF plays a key role in Zambia’s multisectoral response to the pandemic, implementing dedicated actions and mainstreaming the COVID-19 response into existing programmes.

Ensuring the pandemic does not evolve into a child rights crisis and unravel progress towards the healthy development of children in Zambia remains a key concern. Robust programming, technical dexterity, efficient financial mechanisms and strong partnerships and support from donors have enabled UNICEF to meet the year’s challenges, and support the continuing fight against COVID-19 and its impacts.

The Country Office Annual Report (2020) brief provides an overview of our child rights work across our core sectors in Zambia.

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