Child Protection

UNICEF enhances child protection systems to safeguard children and their families from a full spectrum of risks. This includes ensuring every child has a supportive family environment, access to justice and protection from violence, abuse and exploitation

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The Challenge

Every child has the right to protection

In Viet Nam, UNICEF strengthens the national child protection system, particularly in the areas of social work, access to justice and protection of children from violence, abuse and exploitation. The national child protection system includes all measures and organizations that work together in Viet Nam to protect children. They can include organizations vital to social welfare, education and health care as well as law enforcement agencies. A strong child protection system addresses the many inter-connected risks that confront children and their families.

All children have the right to be protected from violence, exploitation and abuse

The Solution

UNICEF’s work in Viet Nam supports the building of a strong national child protection system that works in the best interests of all children, including the most vulnerable.

Our work to strengthen child protection focuses on five key areas: the Child Protection System, Protecting Children from Violence, Social Work Development, Child Justice and Prevention of Child Exploitation.


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