Four Venezuelan initiatives will run their pilots in the Escalando Impacto 2020 program to mitigate the effects of COVID-19

15 March 2021
Four Venezuelan initiatives will run their pilots in the Escalando Impacto 2020 program to mitigate the effects of COVID-19

As a result of a public call made by UNICEF Venezuela and Impact Hub Caracas for Venezuelan entrepreneurs to propose innovative projects around the fight against COVID-19, four proposals have been selected.

These are now part of the Escalando Impacto 2020 program, an intensive virtual development program that will allow solutions to be adapted to the selected pilot projects.

The undertakings are framed in the four specific categories convened and are the following:

*Contruyendo Futuros with its initiative Building Future teaches you at home, will provide an answer in the field of distance education for children in rural communities without connectivity.

*Hope Medical with its project Agua Tuya, will represent the category of community communication for behavior change and the adoption of prevention and hygiene measures.

*Sonriu with your Sonriu plan, we are a 3D printing solution; was selected in the line of design and local production of health supplies, hygiene, and medical equipment.

*Vikua with its Humanitarian Support Supply Chain Monitoring, will provide a solution to the field of remote monitoring of the reception/use of health, education, and hygiene supplies in hospitals and other health centers.

From July 27, 2020, and for two weeks, Escalando Impacto 2020 will help teams to fine-tune and enhance their entrepreneurship. The program will have six learning modules under the modality of webinars (Adaptation of the business model for pilot execution, application of pilot execution strategies, adaptation of the financial model for pilots and future growth, marketing campaign and alliances, short presentation and communication and execution of the pilot plan), personalized mentoring and contact networks that make it easier for them to take their project on a larger scale.

Once the development stage with the learning webinars is finished, the teams will have the possibility of executing for two more weeks, the pilot plan they designed in localities previously selected by UNICEF, accompanied by their respective mentors, and under the coordination and monitoring of Impact. Hub Caracas.


We invite you to follow the step-by-step of this program through the publications that will be made on Impact Hub Caracas's social networks.

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