In Uganda, young people share stories through films

The stories were filmed and produced by digital storytellers from Arua, Adjumani and Terego districts

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UNICEF Uganda/2021/Nabatanzi
23 June 2021

Children and young people should be provided with opportunities to share their views and opinions on issues that concern them. In Arua, Adjumani and Terego districts, young digital storytellers trained by UNICEF, filmed and produced video clips on various issues happening in their communities. 

Caroline shares how she kept safe during the COVID-19 lockdown

Following the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, all schools were closed and students sent back home. Caroline from Adjumani District shares how she kept busy and safe while waiting for schools to reopen. This is her story, this is her voice.

UNICEF Uganda/2021

Hijirah urges parents to provide basic needs for their children

Every child has a right to food, clothing, a safe place to live and to have your basic needs met. Ahead of the Day of the African Child 2021, Hijirah from Terego District calls on parents to provide basic needs for their children. She shares a story of a woman in her neighbourhood who left her children at home alone for a whole month. This is her story.

UNICEF Uganda/2021

13 year old Patience shares a story about teenage pregnancy in her community

"When schools were closed because of COVID-19, my friend went for holidays in the village and she joined the groups which used to go for night discos...." Patience shares a story about teenage pregnancy in her community and advises her peers to always listen to their parents as well as avoid bad groups.

UNICEF Uganda/2021

"Stop forcing girls into marriage," Kevin Brenda

All children should attend and complete school. In Kevin Brenda's community, parents are forcing girls to marry while young. As an Adolescent Volunteer, she sensitizes parents about the dangers of child marriage and encourages them to keep their children in school. "Leaders, ensure all children  are in school and study until they finish their education. Let's avoid child marriage," Kevin Brenda says.

UNICEF Uganda/2021