Welcome to the online gallery of posters submitted to the competition among schools “Who is my hero?” organized in celebration of the International Day for Protection of Children.

UNICEF Turkmenistan
26 May 2022

As part of the celebrations dedicated to the International Day for Protection of Children, UNICEF in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry and Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan launched the art and creative competition "Who is my hero?". The purpose of the competition is to support child participation and creative expression, as well as to promote and disseminate information among children about the importance and role of a healthy lifestyle, personal hygiene, and recommended measures of protection and prevention of acute respiratory infections.

This activity was possible thanks to the funding contribution from the Government of Turkmenistan and the World Bank in the framework of the Turkmenistan COVID-19 Response Project.

These are the 7 winning posters of the competition!

Altynay Durdymuhammedova
School N33, Murgap etrap, Mary
Merjen Yollayyeva, Muhammet Yollyyew, Medine Semenova, Ayjemal Yolamanova
School N12 of Serdar Town, Balkan
Sohbetgeldi Rejepov
School N20, Ashgabat
Umit Matkarimov, Dinara Khaitbayeva
School N27, Dashoguz city, Dashoguz
Merjen Annakuliyewa, Gulshen Rozyyeva, Tavus Hallyyewa
Department of deaf and hard of hearing children of school age of the Ashgabat Rehabilitation Educational Complex
Tajinar Babamuradova, Arzuw Altybayeva
School N41, Turkmenabat city, Lebap
Aygul Rejepova
School N27, Akbugday Etrap, Ahal

The full gallery in digital format is available below: