Progress for every child in Turkmenistan

Updates Assessment for child-related SDG indicators in Turkmenistan


Progress for Every Child in the SDG Era, released by UNICEF in March 2018 was a first report that assessed the world’s performance to date, focusing on 44 indicators that directly concern the 2030 Agenda’s most vulnerable constituency: children. The report was updated in 2019.

Progress for every child in Turkmenistan complements the Progress for Every Child with a Turkmenistan perspective. The first Baseline assessment for child-related SDG indicators of Turkmenistan was conducted in 2017-2018. This report provides an update on child-related SDGs to understand the progress made and areas where further efforts and acceleration is needed. It will contribute to policy and programme development, mid-term SDG review and next VNR.

This Progress report is based on an assessment of 42 indicators (and sub indicators) concerning children in the 2030 Agenda and adopted by Government of Turkmenistan1. These indicators are grouped in this report into five broad dimensions of child rights that cut across the Sustainable Development Goals.

  • the right to good health,
  • the right to learn,
  • the right to be protected from violence and exploitation,
  • the right to live in a safe and clean environment, and
  • the right to a fair chance in life.


The data used in this report were drawn from UNICEF global databases, SDG online databases maintained by the United Nations Statistics Division and from national reports, such as Turkmenistan Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (Turkmenistan MICS) and Voluntary National Report for Turkmenistan (VNR). Indicator sources and the methodology can be found in the report and in appendix 3.

Progress for every child in Turkmenistan
Tijana Čomić and Sofiya Yuvshanova
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English, Russian

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