Art and creative poster competition for schools "Who is my hero?"


1. What competition is this?

As part of the celebrations dedicated to the World Health Day and International Children's Day, UNICEF in cooperation with the Ministry of Education launches an art and creative competition "Who is my hero?".

 The purpose of the art and creative competition (hereinafter referred to as the competition) is to support child participation and creative expression, as well as to promote and disseminate information among children about the importance and role of a healthy lifestyle, personal hygiene, and recommended measures of protection and prevention of acute respiratory infections.

The competition will be announced among all primary and secondary schools in Ashgabat and all velayats, including schools for children with disabilities.

2. How to take part?

To take part in the competition, teams of 2-4 children from each school need to create and draw the main character as imagined, answering the following questions:

  • What does my hero look like?
  • Why did I choose to portray him/her this way?
  • How does my hero promote a healthy lifestyle?

Think over and draw your hero answering the above questions, whether they are fictional heroes, or objects from your life suddenly come to life, or heroes of fairy tales in a modern way, heroes of your fantasies or anything else...

Together with the poster, the participating teams need to write a short description (caption) of the poster of about 30 words, answering the above questions on who is your hero and why do you see or imagine your hero as you portrayed? So that we can understand and evaluate your poster.

The number of participants will be determined by the school (from 2 to 4 participants in each team).

Each school can submit only 1 poster.

Requirements for submission and selection criteria:

  • A2 format size (poster)
  • Caption title, approximately 30 words (with a general description)
  • All contact details of the participants must be indicated on the back of the poster.

The poster will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Creativity
  • Uniqueness
  • Relevance
  • Execution.

3. How to send us your work?

The poster should be sent to the UNICEF Office (UN House in Ashgabat, 21 Archabil Shayoly, tel: (993-12) 488352/55/57/58), marked UNICEF poster competition “who is my hero”, to the attention of Mayagozel Nedirova, along with the caption of the poster description and contact details (please indicate name, age, school, place of residence and phone number).

Hurry up, all works must be sent before April 30, 2022.

4. How winners will be determined, and prizes awarded?

After all posters are received, all of them will be carefully studied, analyzed, and evaluated by a team from UNICEF and Ministry of Education, and the winners will be determined in accordance with the criteria.

The main prizes will be awarded to the schools where the winning team study.

There are 7 sets of main awards (for 1 school from each velayat, and 2 schools from Ashgabat due to the large number of schools in the capital).

What is included in the award package for each of the 7 schools:

  • Mobile sound system kit (set of speakers with a microphone for sound accompaniment in large events)
  • Laptop.

The awards will be donated to schools for further use in school information activities and events.

5. How will the award ceremony take place?

The winning participating teams from each school will be awarded in a solemn atmosphere! The winners will be announced on the UNICEF website and on UNICEF social networks.

All other participants will also be awarded with personal prizes (sets of information and visibility items for children).

The award ceremony will be held on 1st June 2022 on International Day for Protection of Children at the UN Building with the invitation of the Ministry of Education, UN Agencies and Diplomatic Missions in Turkmenistan.

The selected works submitted for the poster competition, will be framed, and exhibited for visitors of the UN Building.

The flyer can be downloaded by clicking the button "Download file".