The "Conditional Cash Transfer for Education" (CCTE) Programme for Syrians and Other Refugee Children Launches into its second phase in Türkiye

The "Conditional Cash Transfer for Education" (CCTE) Programme for Syrians and Other Refugee Children Launches into its second phase in Türkiye

24 September 2018
Suriyeli ve Diğer Mülteci Çocuklara Yönelik "Şartlı Eğitim Yardımı" (ŞEY) Programı Türkiye'de ikinci dönemine başlıyor

Ankara, 24 September 2018 –“Education is the light and all children need that light.” These were the words of Esra, a 9-year old Syrian girl during the launch of the Conditional Cash Transfer for Education (CCTE) programme for Syrian and other refugee children in Türkiye one year ago.  During its first year of operation, the CCTE programme helped to keep Esra and more than 368,000 other refugee children in school by providing their families with bi-monthly cash payments. Thanks to the financial support of the EU, the second phase of the CCTE programme aims to help 450,000 refugee children to continue their education through July 2019.

The continuation of the programme with an additional grant of €50 m from the EU, has gained a new momentum with the recent launch of a social media campaign with the hashtag #KeepOn. This hashtag encourages the families of refugee children to continue sending their children to school and realize their dreams through education.

The CCTE programme is a national social assistance programme implemented by the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services since 2003, which was extended to Syrian and other refugee families with the support of the EU in mid-2017.The programme aims to encourage enrolment and improve school attendance of children. The CCTE programme also includes important child protection component that will ensure the identification and assessment of the most vulnerable refugee children and their referral to complementary child protection services, as required.

Philippe Duamelle, UNICEF Representative to Türkiye, declared: “Education means hope, knowledge and a better future for everyone. But for too many children around the world realizing the right to education is an enormous challenge. In Türkiye, the extension of the CCTE programme sets an excellent example of removing barriers to education for refugee children through national leadership and strategic partnerships. Building on the significant achievement of the first phase of the CCTE programme, the new goal is to reach 450,000 refugee children by July 2019.  UNICEF is grateful for the commitment of the Government of Türkiye and the generous financial support of the EU to this important programme, which makes a difference in the lives of so many children.”

The extension of the national CCTE programme to Syrian and other refugee children is being implemented through a partnership between the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services the Ministry of National Education, the Turkish Red Crescent and UNICEF. It has been made possible with the financial support of the European Union, as well as from Norway and the United States.
"Access to education is one of the most important objectives of EU humanitarian assistance to refugees in Türkiye” said Claudia Amaral, the head of the EU Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid operations (ECHO) office in Türkiye. ”Education brings a sense of normality in the face of extreme hardship, but we must remember that it is also a fundamental right. We thank the Turkish people, the Turkish Red Crescent and UNICEF for sharing our commitment."
About the Social Media Campaign
The socialmedia campaign aims to continue raising awareness about the CCTE programme across Syrian and other refugee families in Türkiye, and encourages parents to send their children to school. An informational canvas describes the CCTE application process, and two short clips send a powerful message to parents to #KEEPON sending their children to school and change their future through education. Finally, an interactive 360 post encourages parents to continue to support their children’s dreams.  
We thank Facebook and 4129 Grey advertising agency for their partnership and bringing this campaign to life.  
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