Scaling up Early Childhood Development in Tanzania

First national multi-sectoral programme in the country

Lillian Magari
ECD meeting
28 August 2020

Tanzania is in the process of developing the first National multi-sectoral ECD programme for the period 2021/2022 to 2025/26. Growing evidence from around the world shows that an integrated approach to health, nutrition, and stimulation interventions reduce the risk to children’s development and promote positive outcomes from the early years through to adulthood.

The process of developing this programme is led by the government-The Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children (MOHCDGEC) - Child Development Department in collaboration with the National ECD taskforce team of which UNICEF is a member.

The National ECD task force and its secretariat provide technical, coordination and logistical support for ownership and sustainability. The development of the National Multisectorial ECD programme involves:

  1. Conducting situation analysis of ECD Interventions in the country
  2. The development of the National Multisectoral ECD programme guideline
  3. The development of the National Multisectoral ECD Monitoring and Evaluation Plan
  4. The development of the Institutions arrangement and coordination framework and dissemination plan
  5. Costing and Financing for the National Multisectoral programme

UNICEF has supported the Government in engaging an institutional consultancy, African Early Childhood Development Network (AFECN) which facilitates the development process. Several planning and consultation meetings have already been conducted to inform the process. Currently, the desk review is being finalized and will be validated by data collection along with the compilation of a Situation Analysis.

What’s next? The National ECD secretariat in collaboration with a consultancy team and National ECD taskforce team aim to develop a national situation analysis (SitAn) on ECD in the country which will inform the program development. This programme will guide the multi-dimensional needs of young children in Tanzania through building more effective efforts across sectors to achieve positive early childhood development outcomes, a clear implementation framework & coordination of early childhood development interventions across sectors as well as serve as an advocacy tool and reference in raising the visibility of ECD in the country. 

UNICEF Tanzania is proud to work with the government and stakeholders to ensure that young children  from pregnancy to eight years  and all of the environments in which children live and learn have a positive impact on their physical ,  cognitive, emotional and social development.