Final Evaluation of Afya Bora ya Mama na Mtoto project (2015-2019)

Final Evaluation of Afya Bora project

Afya Bora ya Mama na Mtoto project (2015-2019)
UNICEF Tanzania


The Afya Bora ya Mama na Mtoto project was implemented from March 2015 to October 2019. It was designed to address maternal and child mortality, and in addition, improve the overall health and  well-being for mothers and children in Zanzibar. The project targeted 75,000 pregnant women, 130,000 mothers/caregivers of children 0-59 months, 260,000 children 0-59 months and 130,000 adolescents covering all areas of Zanzibar. The project was funded by the Government of Canada to the tune of 15 million Canadian dollars. It was a UN joint programme between UNICEF/UNFPA and the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar with Save the Children as the contracted NGO to facilitate implementation of the community health component. The primary focus of the evaluation was to generate substantive evidence and lessons learned on the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability, gender and equity focus of the Afya Bora project.

The evaluation concluded that Afya Bora was a successful project that improved RMNCAH outcomes in Zanzibar including reducing maternal and neonatal deaths. The ability of the UN agencies to jointly plan and complement each other in implementing activities provides evidence of good practice in UN joint programming. The project was embedded in and was driven by the MOH in Zanzibar leading to ownership of its interventions at national level. This in turn led to institutionalisation of some of the project’s interventions. This approach was successful, despite capacity weaknesses within the MOHZ. Further supporting the success of the project was an appropriately designed project that had a sound understanding of the multi-dimensional challenges underpinning poor RMNCAH outcomes for Zanzibar. However, several areas needed to be improved including: 1) enhancing equity and gender responsiveness of interventions; 2) monitoring and district level ownership; 3) ensuring there was a shared understanding of the exit strategy for the project. 

Afya Bora project in Zanzibar
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