UNICEF appoints Safarmuhammad Kodiri as its first National Ambassador in Tajikistan

15 February 2024
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Dushanbe, 15 February 2024 - UNICEF announced today in a press conference and official ceremony the appointment of Mr. Safarmuhammad Kodiri as its first National Ambassador in Tajikistan.

The appointment of Mr. Kodiri as UNICEF National Ambassador follows his active collaboration and commitment to the promotion of children's rights in the country, including the voices of young people, over the past three years. Safarmuhammad Kodiri is a talented singer and musician whose talent and personal commitment have made him a positive role model for Tajik youth.

In his new role on behalf of UNICEF, Mr. Kodiri will help give a voice to the most vulnerable children and young people and bring their needs to the attention of all relevant stakeholders in the country.

“The appointment of Mr. Safarmuhammad Kodiri as a National Ambassador for UNICEF in Tajikistan is a result  of our collaboration over several years,” said Arthur van Diesen, UNICEF Representative to Tajikistan. “As a UNICEF National Ambassador, Safarmuhammad is in a strong position to convey important messages to the children and youth of Tajikistan, as well as to amplify their concerns and ideas to the country’s decision makers. We firmly believe that Mr. Kodiri will make a significant contribution to the lives of children in this new role.”


Mr. Safarmuhammad first engaged with UNICEF in 2020 during the outbreak of COVID-19 and joined the #SafeHandsChallenge to help spread safety messages through his social media platforms. In 2021, as part of UNICEF's Special Influencer Project, Safarmuhammad visited several districts in Tajikistan to meet with Afghan refugee youth to discuss issues important to them and to help voice their concerns and aspirations through his music. In 2022, Safarmuhammad helped raise the profile of UNICEF events such as the UPSHIFT Forum, National Volunteers Forum, and many others through his personal appearance. In 2023, he participated in a youth-led dialogue at the National Library of Tajikistan to discuss mental health with experts, government representatives and more than 50 young people and to deliver a set of key messages in the form of youth recommendations.

"For me, becoming UNICEF's National Ambassador in Tajikistan is a call to action. It's time for us, as well as the youth, to move beyond social media reactions. Let's actively engage, advocate, and make a real impact on the lives of our nation's children and children around the world."

UNICEF’s Ambassadors are among the most recognizable faces of UNICEF. As prominent personalities from the worlds of art, music, film, sport and more, they play a critical role in shining a light on the challenges children face around the globe. Ambassadors volunteer their time to raise awareness and mobilize support, helping UNICEF to reach the most disadvantaged children and young people with lifesaving help and hope.

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