Our partners

UNICEF partners with the Government, international organizations, and civil society to promote children's rights

Our partners

Partnership for children

In order to realize its vision of a world where children’s rights are respected by all, UNICEF works in close cooperation with government institutions, civil society, media, professional associations, and academic institutions in Tajikistan, as well as with its international partners. 

Civil society and implementing partners

CSO "Legal Initiative"
CSO "Saodat"
Eurasia Foundation
Red Crescent Society of Tajikistan
CSO "Rushdi Inclusia"
CSO "Right and Prosperity"
CSO "Chashma"
CSO "Iroda"
CSO "National Association of volunteers of Tajikistan"
CSO "National Union of People with Disabilities of Tajikistan"
CSO "Association of Parents of CWDs of Tajikistan"
CSO Initiative youth of Tajikistan
CSO Young Generation of Tajikistan