UNICEF Sudan Youth Advocate

Monzir Mohammed Awad

20 November 2020

Name: Monzir Mohammed Awad

Age: 17 years-old

From: Damazin in Blue Nile State, Sudan.

Areas of Interest: Climate/Environment, Innovation, Youth Empowerment and Entrepreneurship


Monzir, is an environmental activist and innovator from Damazin, the capital city of Sudan’s Blue Nile State. The 17-year-old founded Future Generations with a group of like-minded and passionate youth with a collective goal to positively change their country and future.

Monzir and his team are from internally displaced and conflict-affected communities. However, his vision for what he and others like him can accomplish, knows no bounds.

His interests include the environment, education, creativity, youth empowerment and inventing things. One such product Future Generations built is a solar-powered car – an idea born out of the negative impact of pollution and constant challenges getting to school.

“As a youth advocate, I’ll take the responsibility to support youth and advocate for their rights,” said Monzir. “My goal is to change our practices to ensure a healthier environment and new innovations that next generations can benefit from. Youth have the right to speak up, be leaders, participate and find solutions for the issues they’re facing in their lives.”