02 March 2020

Private sector

UNICEF Sudan works closely with national companies—large, medium and small—as well multinational corporations to advocate for business practices that align for the benefit of children and the environment. In turn, UNICEF helps companies strengthen their commitment to the communities in which they operate and achieve greater social impact and…, Child rights Business Principles, The Business Principles set out business actions to respect and support children's rights. Businesses should: Commit to supporting child rights. Contribute to the elimination of child labor. Provide decent work for young workers, parents, and caregivers. Protect and ensure that every child is safe in all business activities and facilities. Ensure…, To engage the private sector, UNICEF is supporting:, Companies to implement the Children’s Rights and Business Principles (CRBPs) – a comprehensive framework that supports businesses to address the impact of their business on the rights and well-being of children. This will mean advocating with industry networks and companies to robustly operationalize the Business Principles. The establishment of…, UNICEF expected results, By 2020, establish an Advisory Board to ensure that child issues are the center of social and political agenda in Sudan. By 2020, establish a mechanism that encourages at least 100 companies to operationalize children's rights and Business Principles. By 2020, at least three initiatives will have been established, one to combat chronic…, For more information, contact: , Ruben Vellenga Head of Partnership and Resource Mobilization rvellenga@unicef.org