UNICEF Sudan Youth Advocate

Enas Yousif

20 November 2020

Name: Enas Yousif

Age: 20

Location: Port Sudan, Red Sea State, Sudan

Areas of focus: Rights and inclusivity for people with disabilities, girl’s and youth empowerment


Enas, is from Port Sudan in Eastern Sudan’s Red Sea State, and as a young person who is deaf, she is passionate about raising awareness and advocating for the rights of deaf people, people with disabilities and special needs, the rights to education, and women’s empowerment.

As a UNICEF Sudan Youth Advocate, Enas will reflect the needs of people with disabilities and their participation towards positive development.

In 2019, Enas and friends participated in the Generation Unlimited challenge, supported by UNICEF. Their project focused on creating cultural centers for teaching sign language covering social, cultural, medical and educational topics, to spread sign language for the deaf and non-deaf. Enas’s team were among the top ten and succeeded in raising awareness for people who are deaf.

“I’ll support, raise awareness and encourage people with disabilities to speak up and participate, know their rights, demand them, and help each other realize their rights,” said Enas. “It’s Important to hear voices of youth, especially with disabilities because they’re the future”.