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Halimo’s story - Surviving floods in Belet Weyne

UNICEF Somalia/HornConnect


When Halimo’s house was destroyed by floods, she and her four children had no choice but to move into a makeshift camp on higher ground. The camp soon became congested with hundreds of families flocking in. With a desperate shortage of clean water and sanitation facilities, Halima feared that sooner or later her children might catch deadly diseases such as diarrhoea, even cholera.


Asha’s story - A journey to safety and a start to education

UNICEF Somalia/2018/Hashi


Asha Abdulahi Jama was two years old when her mother died. She is now nine and has lived through more warfare, loss and displacement than most people experience in a lifetime. In August 2018, fighting broke out between government forces and rebel militias in her hometown of Bulo-Burde, Hiran Region, central Somalia, forcing Asha and her family to flee. They came first to Buqda, then to Beletweyne.

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