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UNICEF support reaches families affected by Cyclone Sagar

UNICEF Somalia/2018/Mohmoud Abdi Ahmed



UNICEF was among the first to respond following the powerful tropical cyclone which caused death and widespread destruction in Somaliland. Some 168,000 were affected by Cyclone Sagar which hit the coast of north-western Somaliland and Djibouti on 18 May bringing heavy rains and flooding and causing devastation and death.

The Somaliland authorities estimated 50 people died and seven are still missing following the cyclone with winds in excess of 120 km/hour which brought a year’s worth of rain to some areas. Three quarters of the livestock were killed along with major damage of water systems and health facilities and 39 schools were damaged or destroyed with a major impact on children.

UNICEF Somalia Annual Report 2017

UNICEF Somalia Annual report 2017

The devastating 2017 drought was felt throughout Somalia, and UNICEF scaled up its operations to mitigate the worst effects. As both the Gu (April/May) and the Deyr (November/December) rains failed, we saw animals die, crops fail and a huge exodus of people from their homes to makeshift camps in desperate search of assistance.

The drought led to a major outbreak of acute watery diarrhoea/cholera, while measles cases soared in the overcrowded camps. Children already weak from hunger succumbed to sickness and over a million became malnourished.

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