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Safe drinking water finally arrives for tens of thousands of people in Somaliland town

UNICEF Somalia/2017/Sarman



Seventy-four year old Mariam Omar Farah couldn’t hide her excitement when she heard her town would, for the first time receive piped, clean water that week. Mariam lives in a shack with eight family members including grandchildren, one hundred metres from the main reservoir tank of the new project.

When she was told, she immediately sat up and said: “This is one of the best pieces of news I have ever had. I have lived in Wajaale for my whole life and I have struggled to get water just like those before me.”

UNICEF and IOM provide safe water to halt cholera



UNICEF and the United Nations Migration Agency have reached tens of thousands of people displaced by the drought with safe water, latrines and good hygiene promotion helping to slow and even stop the outbreak of Acute Watery Diarrhoea/cholera in many areas of southern Somalia.

More than 180,000 internally displaced people have arrived in Baidoa in southern Somalia since seeking assistance after their crops failed and animals died, settling in more than 230 informal settlements.

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