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Families pushed to the brink as drought persists in Puntland

UNICEF Somalia/2019/English



Once again, Somalia is facing a severe drought, threatening the lives of children like Nacima across the country. The failure of the 2019 Gu’ (April-June) rains, following on from poor 2018 Deyr (October-December) rainfall, and unusually hot, dry conditions during the 2019 Jilaal (January-March) has caused widespread crop failure and accelerated decline in livestock productivity, pushing families in the worst-affected areas to the brink.


As drought worsens in Somaliland, UNICEF and partners scale up support to children

UNICEF Somalia/2019/English



Even in a region where drought and climatic shocks are an all-too-regular occurrence, 2019 has already been particularly challenging for children and families in Somaliland. Recent analyses show that rainfall levels so far this year have been among the driest on record with current conditions worse than in the same period of 2017, when a devastating drought saw animals die, crops fail and a huge exodus of people from their homes to makeshift camps in desperate search of assistance. Whilst a sustained humanitarian effort averted the risk of famine, many of the communities affected have had little or no opportunity to adequately recover.

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