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Story of Zakariya - High malnutrition rate continue to threat the lives of children, especially among the displaced





For days, little Zakariya Abdullahi, 2, had had high fever and been losing weight rapidly, right under the eyes of his mother. His family, like millions of other displaced people, struggled to make ends meet. The only thing they had to eat was a little bit of milk and porridge every day. “I lost hope when I saw his condition deteriorating,” recalled the mother. “I thought he would never get better.”

Zakariya’s mother decided to bring him to the nearby nutrition centre operated by UNICEF partner, Somali Young Doctors’ Association in their camp, located in an area called Daynille on the outskirt of Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia.

UNICEF Somalia Annual Report 2017

UNICEF Somalia Annual report 2017

The devastating 2017 drought was felt throughout Somalia, and UNICEF scaled up its operations to mitigate the worst effects. As both the Gu (April/May) and the Deyr (November/December) rains failed, we saw animals die, crops fail and a huge exodus of people from their homes to makeshift camps in desperate search of assistance.

The drought led to a major outbreak of acute watery diarrhoea/cholera, while measles cases soared in the overcrowded camps. Children already weak from hunger succumbed to sickness and over a million became malnourished.

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