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Saying “no” to violence against women and girls – one community at a time

UNICEF Somalia/2016/Taxte


In Somalia, UNICEF, supported by partners, has been working with communities to help them prevent gender-based violence and respond to victims’ needs. One such project was the Community Care Programme in Mogadishu.

For 15 weeks, members of selected communities - led by trained community members - came together to build awareness and consciousness about human rights, fairness, tolerance and justice. Through dialogue and discussion, they were empowered to come up with solutions to the problems of violence against women and girls. UNICEF and partners then helped them translate these solutions into concrete action.

Determined 14-year-old Zainab defied her parents on early marriage

UNICEF Somalia/2016/Ibrahim


When I met 14 year old Zainab in the small town of Dollow in southern Somalia and heard her sad but inspiring story – I felt she was a great ambassador for girls’ rights.

Zainab loves her school and her classes even though she is older than many others in her 4th grade class. Every day is a challenge as she doesn’t have enough notebooks and her family is not interested in her education. But Zainab enjoys the time spent in class and in the school premises with other children – for her it is a lifeline.

Going on Tahriib - The causes and consequences of Somali youth migration to Europe

Going to Tahriib




Going on Tahriib is a UNICEF-commissioned study on youth migration and its devastating effects on families in Puntland and Somaliland where young people regularly embark on the hazardous journey to Europe via Ethiopia, Sudan and Libya, known as ‘going on tahriib. Tahriib involves human smugglers who offer deferred payment schemes to encourage migrants to leave on the perilous journey where they face being held for ransom, abuse and even death in the desert and at sea. The study was managed by the Rift Valley Institute and written by Nimo-ilhan Ali of the School of African and Oriental Studies University of London.

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