Parental awareness of online child abuse risks

A survey

Two boys look at the computer, while the mother talks with family outreach worker
UNICEF Serbia/2016/Gilbertson VII Photo


Powerful development of communication and information technologies (ICT) has utterly changed the world around us, particularly the world of children.

According to some estimates, more than a half of total human population is expected to be “on line” until 2017, and it is absolutely certain that children and the young will constitute greater part of this „Internet“ population.

With increase of ICT accessibility and growing inclusion of children in the world of communication and Internet, risks of their potential exposure to different inappropriate contents (sexual, pornographic, violent), manipulations, abuse and exploitation also increase.

All available data indicate the fact that Serbia has become an information society in the true sense of the word.

Penetration of Internet and mobile telephony has long exceeded 50% of total population, while the use of standard and mobile Internet, on daily level already includes more than 75% of Internet population.

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