Good Practice Guide on Building an Inclusive Playground

Practical Approach to Building an Inclusive Playground

Inclusive Playgrounds ENG
UNICEF Srbija / 2021


This Guide on Building an Inclusive Playground is a result of the knowledge and experience gained in designing and building inclusive playgrounds in Belgrade and Ćićevac. What makes this process unique is the approach of mobilizing the communities and human-centred design. This means the active involvement of various actors within the local communities: local self-government, corporate sector, civil
society organizations, academia, sports organizations and citizens.

With their components, inclusive playgrounds should provide not only high-quality facilities for children with disabilities, but also become places of gathering, socializing and learning for all children, regardless of their disabilities/developmental stage. With this intent in mind, in the process of inclusive playground creation, the principle of universal design (accessibility for all) was applied, through a participatory process based on the needs of children as end beneficiaries of the playgrounds. Therefore, both children and their parents participated in the process from the very beginning, together with the creative team.

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