11 January 2022

Quality Inclusive Primary and Secondary Education

In 2009, major legislative reforms in Serbia contributed to changing the paradigm to quality inclusive education, based on nurturing an individualised approach for every child, removing various barriers affecting children’s learning, and transiting from a medical to a social model of disability. While progress has been made, during 2020/2021…, Programme Area Goals, UNICEF’s goal is to uphold the rights of boys and girls to quality inclusive education, particularly those affected by poverty and exclusion. In this regard efforts will continue to support primary and secondary schools and strengthen educators’ pre-service and in-service training to ensure delivery of quality and inclusive education by focusing…, CPD Target, By 2025, all children learn and develop their competencies through quality, inclusive education that fosters their well-being and active participation in the community. In that respect UNICEF will work towards that by 2025, teachers have the necessary skills and practices to apply modern pedagogical approaches of quality inclusive education and…, Challenge, Although progress has been made in terms of inclusion of vulnerable children in education, children with disabilities, children of Roma nationality, children with low socioeconomic status and children living in rural or remote areas are still less likely to benefit from inclusion in mainstream quality education than other children. This situation…, Solution, UNICEF and partners will support the Ministry of Education and related education institutions in the following areas:  Strengthening institutional capacities for policy development, financing, management, coordination and monitoring of quality inclusive education.  Capacity development of teachers to apply modern pedagogical practices.  Reform of…
11 January 2022

Quality Inclusive Early Childhood Education

The right to education starts with the right of every child to access quality and inclusive early childhood education and care (ECEC).   The coverage rate of children with ECEC in Serbia is increasing for all age groups, but it still remains below the EU 2030 goals, and the situation was further exacerbated during the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2019,…, Programme Area Goals, Early education UNICEF Srbija / 2021 / Pančić We will work to strengthen the early childhood education and care system, building on previous results reached in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and other partners. With equity as an overarching goal, preschool quality and access will be improved by further developing the capacities of the…, CPD Target, The indicative CPD output is that by 2025, preschool education quality and access are improved through strengthened institutional capacities, governance (including for public–private partnerships) and intersectoral coordination at the national, regional and local levels, and preschool teachers have increased competencies to apply modern inclusive…, Challenge, There are inequities in enrolment of children 3–5.5 years old between urban and non-urban areas and between children with different socio-economic status. Data show that coverage of children living in informal Roma settlements is 7 per cent, children from the poorest families is 11 per cent, while the coverage of children living in rural areas is…, Rešenje, The ECEC curriculum reform in Serbia has been an entry point for broader access to and improved quality and equity of ECEC to ensure that ‘Every Child Learns’.  To support ECEC development at decentralized levels, UNICEF will initiate more work on governance at the local level and cooperation with ministries in charge of local self-government and…
03 August 2021

Children make the best music when playing together

Belgrade, Serbia - Nine-year-old Andrej Andjelkovic loves football. He’s always happy to talk about his favourite players and team.  "I love football, because the players score goals,”  explains Andrej and raises his arms up high, like a goal-getter. Andrej often plays football with his mom and dad. His mom and dad are goalkeepers and Andrej is…, “The swing and the slide are my favourites,” says Andrej. But he couldn’t enjoy the playground equipment without help from his mom or dad.  , “Andrej has difficulty walking because he’s a child with disabilities. When he was ten months old [the doctors at] at the Mother and Child Health Institute noticed that he couldn’t walk. When he was thirteen days old … all his problems started: epilepsy, cerebral palsy, cytomegalovirus infection. God willing, one day it will get better, it’s…, The result is a children’s playground in which every child can use the equipment, and which facilitates the joint play of children with and without disabilities.  , Uz zajedničku igru, deca stvaraju najbolji ritam The playground is in a lovely spot, surrounded by trees. The flat concrete surface makes it easy for everyone to move around, even in a wheelchair. Children in wheelchairs can also use the merry-go-round. A softer, tartan surface has been placed under each piece of playground equipment. There are…, “The playground is amazing and it’s finally accessible to children with disabilities too. The biggest frustration for children with disabilities is when they can’t play with their peers. Everything here is available and accessible, and they can easily play without feeling different,”  Pavle’s mom shares her impressions and adds that Pavle playing…, Uz zajedničku igru, deca stvaraju najbolji ritam “The swing is his favourite and … [it’s safe, especially] compared to the ordinary ones. [We would always] worry when he was using [the old swing]. There’s also a bird’s nest swing. The surface on the ground is amazing, so if a child falls, there's a soft surface and the nest swing is also hanging…, “I can just sit down and watch him play; he doesn't need help. It’s very interesting because he likes music, likes playing with these instruments,”  explains Maja, while Andrej and Pavle play the drums together with their friends Marko and Milos Bogdanovic. Clearly children make the best music when playing together.  , Uz zajedničku igru, deca stvaraju najbolji ritam „There’s a lot of equipment, and I've never seen such good equipment at other playgrounds, like this metallophone. It’s fun playing here,”  says Milos Bogdanovic. His bother Marko loves the merry-go-round.  “This is a merry-go-round in which you push off with your foot, and then you can sit down and…, This Dream Playground in Belgrade, in addition to the one already built in Cicevac in central Serbia, is now one of two inclusive playgrounds in the country built exactly as envisioned by children. It ensures safe play, accessible to every child. , UNICEF’s project was implemented with the financial support of the NCR Foundation and the Basketball Association of Serbia, and in cooperation with the Sports Association of Persons with Disabilities of the City of Belgrade (SSOSIB), the City of Belgrade and the Belgrade University Faculty of Architecture. These playgrounds are set to become…
24 November 2020

A diverse and inclusive workforce is part of UNICEF’s DNA

Equity, inclusion and diversity are at the heart of what we do. For UNICEF, representation matters.,  , We know our diversity is what makes us stronger, more innovative and more creative. Our wealth of backgrounds, languages, cultures, abilities and ethnicities is the driving force behind our work for every child.,   What we are doing on… Anti-Racism and Discrimination  |  Disability Inclusion  |  Gender Equality  |  Inclusion of LGBTQI+ Staff UNICEF is here to serve the world’s most disadvantaged children and our global workforce must reflect the diversity of those children. The UNICEF family is committed to include everyone, irrespective of their gender…, UNICEF has employee resource groups to support you, Once you join the UNICEF family, you can become a member of our employee-led networks where you will be able to exchange your experiences, ask for advice and advocate for change according to different diversity dimensions. A few examples of existing groups are: Gender Push, a global network of colleagues who advocate for gender equality at the…, Anti-Racism and Discrimination: UNICEF aims to be a truly inclusive organization that is equitable for all its people., Racism and discrimination are unacceptable and given that equity, equality and human rights are core to UNICEF’s mandate, the organization must continue to address these issues both in the communities in which we work and in our workplace. Together, we will continue to demonstrate leadership in strengthening our organizational culture and working…, UNICEF is striving to be a disability inclusive organization, Are you a person with a disability(ies)? When you apply for a job at UNICEF, you can choose to disclose a disability, and if needed request reasonable accommodation for your interview or test. Your human resources focal point will receive your request and help you. In this message, Hannan Sulieman, our Deputy Executive Director for Management,…, UNICEF is committed to a gender-equal workplace, In 2018 UNICEF received  EDGE Certification , becoming the first United Nations agency to earn the leading global assessment methodology and business certification standard for gender equality. The Economic Dividends for Gender Equality –or EDGE– Certification process includes a comprehensive review of gender equality in four areas: gender balance…, UNICEF works towards a workplace that is welcoming for employees who belong to the LGBTQI+ community, Watch this video-message from UNICEF Executive Director, Henrietta Fore, marking the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Interphobia and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT)