A brave new generation

Youth in Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

UNICEF Serbia/2002


While leading nations on the UN human development index have experienced an explosion in youth power in the past decade, young people in FRY have remained isolated on the margins of society even while their country has remained isolated on the fringes of Europe.

The good news is that FRY is in a unique position to take its relatively educated, healthy, optimistic youth and capitalise not only on the lead of advanced democracies but on the experience of neighbouring transition countries.

FRY has a golden opportunity not only to invest in young people as the inheritors of tomorrow but also to take advantage of the actual and substantial contributions they can make in the present.

FRY has the chance to join the forces of forward-looking development that see youth not as adults-in-waiting but as full-fledged citizens with rights and meaningful things to contribute.

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