Meet the new members of the UNICEF Youth Board in Serbia!

23 May 2023
youth board 2023 2024

Youth Board for 2023-2024. consists of twenty young people from different parts of Serbia together with three mentors who are former members of the board, Milica Sušić, Elena Peruničić and Nina Glišić. In the next two years, young activists will represent UNICEF and advocate for children and young people at various national and international events, promote its values and goals and help creation of the relevant programs and policies for young people. 

In previous mandate, the UNICEF Youth Board has participated in dialogues for young people at the national and global level, awareness raising campaigns on selected topics and the mission of UNICEF, youth consultations, promotion of the U-Report platform and Volunteers online. They gave recommendations for organizing training for their peers in order to acquire new knowledge and skills for finding and implementing innovative solutions for a better position and greater involvement of all young people in society. 

"It was not at all easy to close the chapter of my life in which I played the role of a member of the Youth Board in the previous mandate. I wrote the last pages of that chapter with gratitude for all the acquired skills and I am absolutely convinced that everything is possible, and that the impossible only needs a little time." - Milica Sušić 

These young leaders have previous experience in youth activism and volunteering in their communities, as well as the motivation to continue to do so and be agents of change. Through participation in the Youth Board, they will be able to improve their skills such as public advocacy, communication and teamwork. The priority areas from which they will expand their knowledge and which they will deal with are mental health, climate change and air pollution, active participation in society, skills development and non-formal education. 

"The call for a new division, in which I was given the role of mentor for the new convocation of the Youth Board, was unexpected, but a logical continuation. I believe that this convocation will also celebrate diversity, that regardless of roles, we will learn from each other, get out of our comfort zones together and start other young people who don't yet know what they can actually do." - Milica Sušić 

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