UNICEF and MAXI Together for Youth Facing Mental Health Problems

Delhaize Serbia Supports the SVE JE OK Online Platform

30 June 2023
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Belgrade, 30 June 2023 – To support young people in these challenging times and offer answers to the questions that trouble them, a team of experienced psychologists and psychotherapists is available 24/7 on the online platform SVE JE OK (Everything is OK). The platform was designed by professionals working with youth, with support from UNICEF, Novi Sad-based OPENS, Institute of Mental Health and NADEL.

On the platform, young people can make an appointment for an online counselling session or use the chat feature – real-time chatting with professionals experienced in coping with trauma. All who wish to talk to a professional can call 116111 toll-free.

The retailer Delhaize Serbia, owner of the MAXI retail chain, donated 10 million dinars to enable the platform to operate for the next year and provide daily counselling services for all young people in Serbia who need assistance, someone to talk to and get support from.

“The support of Delhaize Serbia is extremely important for young people in our country, who can access support on our platform round the clock. UNICEF and Delhaize Serbia are long-term partners and their support for our work at a time when young people are under enormous pressure reflects genuine trust between the two partners and the shared vision of how to support members of our society who now need our assistance and understanding most. With this donation, we will ensure unhindered operation of the platform designed for young people who want to talk about their problems and worries to always have a safe place where they can access professional help. Wherever they live, the platform ensures access to and availability of psychological support services to all young people in the country and provides information relevant both to parents and to professionals, in the form of articles and webinars. Thanks to this donation, we are able to continue improving the services. Our plan is to strengthen the capacities of both institutions and professionals involved in addressing youth and adolescent mental health problems”, said Stanislava Vučković, Youth and Adolescent Development Specialist at UNICEF Serbia.

After the tragedies of May, a dedicated section – Support in Times of Crisis – was created on the platform for young people who need to talk about the tragic events in our country.

“Youth are the best part of any community and we all have a duty to care for their well-being. It is our mission to provide support for better living, and in this respect UNICEF has been our natural partner with whom we have long-standing successful cooperation. This organization has knowledge and experience, and this is precisely why we believe that the online platform will be a strong source of support and mainstay to all young people who need someone to talk to and get advice from in these challenging times”, noted Jan-Willem Dockheer, Delhaize CEO.

Growing up, young people and adolescents face challenges that may cause long-term stress and anxiety and lead to psychological problems, which impair their capacities to achieve goals and live fulfilled lives. Owing to the fear of rejection and shame felt because they think there is something wrong with them, young people shut in rather than talk about what troubles them, and talking is the first step towards getting better. To encourage them to share their dilemmas and concerns and seek timely mental health assistance, the interactive online platform SVE JE OK (Everything is OK) has been created.

The platform is also intended for parents and teachers and features a wide range of contents to help familiarize them with the worries faced by their teenagers and adolescents. On the platform, parents can find out how best to provide support in case of a breakup, lack of sleep or excessive worrying about the smallest details.

Teachers play a crucial role in children and young people's growing up and maturing, and the platform offers them useful advice on how to communicate with them, especially now that their routines have been disrupted and they are faced with additional pressure. The platform offers recommendations and advice to both parents and teachers on how to help young people cope with the feelings of apprehension, lasting anxiety and the like. 

“We believe that the online counselling centre on the SVE JE OK platform will be especially useful during the summer break, when children and youth are on school holidays and their usual, regular routines and commitments are missing. These circumstances may trigger anxiety and feelings of loneliness in young people. It is essential for all of us to pay special attention to youth during the summer, to be there, to be patient and tolerant towards them. Openness to their view of reality instils in them a feeling that we understand them and are there to help them. The most important step towards resuming normal activities and healthy lifestyles is talking and support for coping with adverse experiences and conditions they may encounter. It is crucial for us, adults, to be a pillar of support for young people, and numerous recommendations on how to give support are available on the SVE JE OK platform“, said Jelena Radovanović, psychologist and coordinator of the online counselling centre, engaged in daily youth counselling practice.

All services on the SVE JE OK platform are free-of-charge.

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