What is social distancing?

Learn about social distancing and its importance these days

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28 March 2020

These days, maintaining social distance means avoiding large gatherings and maintaining the distance of at least 3 feet or 1 meter from others to stop the spread of Coronavirus. 

1. Avoid shaking hands and hugging. Greet each other by saying Salaam/Hello from a distance of 1 meter. 

2. Follow the government’s guidance by avoiding large gatherings in public spaces such as malls, cinemas, restaurants and other clubs/conference halls.

3. Avoid unnecessary use of public transport and change your travel times to avoid being around large groups of people, when possible.

4. Avoid contact with someone who is showing respiratory symptoms including cough, runny nose, fever, difficulty in breathing and body aches. 

5. Avoid gatherings with friends and family. Stay in touch with each other using remote technology such as phones and social media. 

6. Contact your medical doctor or call the help line for more information about COVID-19 and the need for hospital consultation or referral.

7. If possible, work from home to protect yourself and your family. While at home, regularly open windows to ventilate rooms with fresh air.  

8. If you have to go to the grocery store/market/bank, keep a distance of at least 3 feet (1 meter) from other people to minimize the risk of spreading the virus.