Pakistan Maternal Nutrition Strategy 2022-27

Maternal nutrition is the cornerstone of maternal and child health and needs special focus and attention to prevent stunting and wasting among children.

Cover image of the Pakistan Maternal Nutrition Strategy 2022-27
UNICEF Pakistan


A countrywide series of consultations were held, and this strategy was formulated with the goal to protect and promote diets, practices and services that support the optimal nutrition, health and well-being of all women in Pakistan (with a focus on preventing all forms of malnutrition among women during the preconception, pregnancy and postpartum stages of nutritional vulnerability). The following objectives of the Maternal Nutrition Strategy will lead to this goal: (1) to prevent undernutrition, anaemia, micronutrient deficiencies, and being overweight among women (focusing on pregnant and breastfeeding women), and low birth weight in newborns, and (2) to provide evidence-based and equity-based nutrition programmes and services at scale to women, with a focus on the preconception, pregnancy and postpartum periods.

Two black and white images showing a pregnant woman having a meal and a mother breastfeeding her child
UNICEF & Government of Pakistan
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