Trauma informed approach

An introductory Handbook

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"In conflict and disaster, children suffer first and suffer most. Today, one in four of the world's children lives in a conflict or disaster zone— a fact that should shake each of us to our core. All of these children face an uncertain future." UNICEF, Humanitarian Action for children 2020.

This global scenario challenges us to a deeper understanding of the complexity of the events we face. Thus, we need the convergence of different disciplines, providing innovative viewpoints and tools for more effective and equitable interventions.
The Trauma informed approach is an emerging transdisciplinary field that offers a more integrated view of trauma and its impact on children's lives.

New fields of knowledge, such as neurosciences, offer us new comprehension for non-retraumatizing interventions for building more sensitive and friendly systems that put the child and their best interests at the center of intervention.

This introductory handbook is part of UNICEF North Macedonia's trauma-informed training program for the judiciary, police, and social services.
There is a broad menu of topics that will show the readers the key points of discussion and the tools and recommendations in each case.

On the other hand, today's world confronts us with collective traumas that have a significant impact on children and youth and require countries, as well as the international community, to have trauma care and prevention programs at all levels.

The handbook is available for download in English and Macedonian.

Flavia Valgiusti
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English, Macedonian

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