Parenting is also learned

Campaign aimed at helping parents raise happy, healthy and smart children

Билборд со лого на кампањата, со фразата Зборовите имаат тежина напишани врз фотографија од младо момче кое гледа во голем камен поставен врз маса

The Ministries of Labour and Social Policy, Health, and Education and Science, together with the European Union and UNICEF, launched a campaign titled “Parenting is also learned”.  Opening discussion on child development and human flourishing, the campaign aims to bring attention to the need to support parents in raising confident, respectful and successful children.

Developments in science show that during the first years of life, the human brain develop at a pace never repeated. Every single experience the child has, impacts brain development and shapes the way they think, feel, behave and learn throughout life. The “Parenting is also learned” campaign opens the discussion on these topics, including emotional attachment, character development, parenting styles and the impact of adversities and stress on child development. 

A UNICEF supported survey shows that while most parents are aware of the harmful consequences of using violence to raise children, this does not necessarily translate in practice.  Social expectations to punish, low self-efficacy and not having access to information on positive parenting and child development are the main reasons for the continued practice. The campaign aims to address this gap by providing parents with trusted resources on positive parenting and nurturing caregiving. 

The campaign includes a video –  the weight of words – bringing attention to emotional neglect commonly endured by children.  A video of parents watching how children acted out violent discipline methods, sheds light on parents understanding of the need for change. Recognizing parents need for support, the campaign is designed to support this change, making available expert masterclasses, parenting resources and the opportunity to participate in parenting events that will be organized throughout the country over the coming months.

The “Parenting is also learned” campaign is part of a broader UNICEF supported effort to strengthen services and programmes to support parents and is implemented as part of the EU funded and UNICEF Regional Project “Protecting Children from violence and promoting social inclusion of children with disabilities in Western Balkans and Turkey”.