UNICEF Nigeria Key Results for Children

2018 - 2022 highlights


Over the last five years, UNICEF has worked to guarantee children's rights. We worked, especially for the children that are most left behind. Working at national, state and local levels, we were able to promote policy change and strengthen local capacity, through strong partnerships with the Federal and State Governments, local authorities, international humanitarian and development actors and a diverse group of key partners from different sectors of society.

Our work has proven the impact and affordability of sustainable systems and policies in favour of children's survival, growth and development.

This programmatic cycle has achieved significant advances despite contextual changes such as the COVID-19 pandemic and rising humanitarian needs. 

We carved the path of this five-year country programme with all our partners. Our successes, as well as lessons learned, are joint accomplishments made possible by the generous contributions of a wide range of supporters across the world.

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