Looking Back_Paths Towards Social and Financial Reform in Myanmar

An overview of the last decade of Government actions on social sectors

UNICEF Myanmar
UNICEF Myanmar/2022/Nyan Zay Htet


The aim of this analysis is to conduct a comprehensive assessment, akin to a stock-taking exercise in an effort to grasp the changes Myanmar has witnessed in the last decade. This document gather and assess policies within Myanmar's social sector and evaluate the progress made in its reform initiatives over the period. Through this process, this analysis seek a clearer understanding of the country's recent social and public financial reforms and highlights the foundational elements that have already been established.
This work was produced in 2022 in the framework of the joint EU-UNICEF Public Finance for Children (PF4C) initiative.

UNICEF Myanmar
Spectrum - Sustainable Development Knowledge Network (SDKN) and UNICEF
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