Diagnostic on the provision of social services in Myanmar

Roles and Responsibilities of Union and State

UNICEF Myanmar
UNICEF Myanmar/2018/Nyan Zay Htet


Highlight - This Report documents the findings and recommendations of a diagnostic of the delivery of social services at sub-national level in Myanmar to understand roles and responsibilities of Union and State/Regions government tiers for provision of essential social services, with a focus on those areas with the highest impact on children. The approach was designed around the three dimensions; 1. the legal framework – to understand the roles and responsibilities of government institutions in the provision of social programmes at sub-national level; 2. the situation on the ground ¬– to identify the current practices; 3. an enhanced approach – to understand how UNICEF can tailor its support when strengthening the capacities of key stakeholders at sub-national level. The study  has provided significant evidence for the Public Finance for Children works with subnational governments.
This work was produced in 2020 in the framework of the joint EU-UNICEF Public Finance for Children (PF4C) initiative.

UNICEF Myanmar
Sarah Holloway (Lead Consultant), Mokoro Ltd, under the coordination and supervision of UNICEF Myanmar, Social Policy and Child Rights Monitoring (SPCRM) section; with the assistance and support of Field Services; with the technical and logistic support o
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