Let's Choose What We Read, the new message of the Media Literacy Campaign

on the occasion of International Children’s Book Day

Tina Dimić Raičević
A girl reading to two boys on the bench in the center of Podgorica
UNICEF Montenegro / Željko Bracanović / 2019

04 April 2019

PODGORICA, 2 APRIL  2019 - On the occasion of International Children’s Book Day, which has been celebrated every year since 1967 on 2 April, the birthday of Hans Christian Andersen, the author of many fairy-tales that have marked the childhoods of many generations of children around the world, young media reporters from the Media Literacy Campaign read and donated books to the citizens of Podgorica.

We decided to conduct this campaign because our campaign research showed that a fifth of all children from 9 to 17 years old had not read any books in the previous year, other than for school assignments, and the same was true for 43% of their parents.

Draga Ivanović, young reporter

She adds that they themselves selected the books, as well as the excerpts they wanted to share with others. This included poems, favourite quotes from novels, interesting scientific facts, etc.

A girl reading to two boys on the bench in the park
UNICEF Montenegro / Željko Bracanović / 2019

Young reporter Boris Scekic stresses that they enjoyed the campaign because the reactions from citizens of different ages were positive.

People were pleasantly surprised, and we were encouraged in particular by elderly people to continue the campaign and keep reminding people that reading is the basis of literacy for every individual and for society as a whole. Also, people were telling us what their favorite books and authors were, so we learned from each other, and we, the young reporters, came out of the campaign with a list of new books to read.

Boris Šćekić, young reporter

The footage of this campaign by the young reporters was used to create a new TV spot for the Media Literacy Campaign with the message "Let's Choose What We Read" in order to remind children and parents that reading is the basis for media literacy.

Without reading, there is no good writing or speaking. Without reading, it is not possible to express oneself well through various media. Without reading, we are not media-literate.

Tara Simović, young reporter
Two boys reading a book in front of the National library in Podgorica
UNICEF Montenegro / Željko Bracanović / 2019

The new TV spot for the campaign will be sent to all media outlets, with an invitation to broadcast it and thus to contribute to the spread of a culture of reading and to building a media-literate society in Montenegro.

We appeal to our peers and those younger than us, parents, kindergarten teachers and school teachers to read and discuss with each other. Well-read people are interesting people to talk to. Therefore, let us read as much as possible and talk about it, because in this way our conversations, and therefore our lives, will be more meaningful and fulfilled. Let's choose what we read!

Arsenije Aleksa Mraković, young reporter

The Media Literacy Campaign "Let's Choose What We Watch" was launched by the Agency for Electronic Media and UNICEF in February last year. Since it was launched, one year ago, half of Montenegro’s citizens have heard about this campaign, aimed at encouraging the development of media literacy in children and parents, as well as strengthening the media’s capacity to produce high-quality media content with children and young people, and to report on all issues related to children’s rights in Montenegro in a manner that is ethically appropriate.