Children cooperate best with those who respect them

Municipality of Pljevlja joined the “End Violence” campaign.

UNICEF Montenegro
A family
UNICEF Montenegro / Dusko Miljanic / 2013
27 April 2017

PLJEVLJA, 27 April 2017 – By organizing a public talk on the relationship between children and parents, Municipality of Pljevlja, like many others all over the country, joined the “End Violence” campaign.

Research conducted last year by UNICEF reveals that Montenegro has a high degree of tolerance for violence against children.

Gradonačelnik Pljevalja Mirko Đačić govori na javnoj raspravi o roditeljstvu u Pljevljima
UNICEF Crna Gora / Duško Miljanić / 2017
Gradonačelnik Pljevalja Mirko Đačić govori na javnoj raspravi o roditeljstvu u Pljevljima u okviru kampanje #ZaustavimoNasilje u aprilu 2017.

Mayor of Pljevlja Mirko Đačić warned that children in the northern region of Montenegro are more exposed to physical punishment than the children in other parts of the country. He said that the Municipality of Pljevlja would support any campaign aimed at reducing violence against children.

“It is our duty to support these activities in order to create an environment in which nobody will approach the task of raising children in this manner as soon as possible”, said Đačić.

UNICEF Representative to Montenegro Benjamin Perks reminded of the consequences of physical punishment and neglect of children adding that parental love to children was effective only if expressed through respect and love.

Kampanja #ZaustavimoNasilje u Pljevljima
UNICEF Crna Gora / Duško Miljanić / 2017
Građani Pljevalja učestvuju u javnoj raspravi organizovanoj u okviru kampanje #ZaustavimoNasilje u aprilu 2017.

Scientific findings warn us that adverse childhood experiences lead to worse outcomes in life in terms of health, education and employment, often leading to behaviour problems and the risk of falling into crime and violence.

Benjamin Perks, UNICEF Representative to Montenegro

Similarly, a representative of the NGO “Association of Psychologists” pointed out that cooperation was the key to successful parenting.

“The essence of parenting is learning to cooperate. Children, like adults, cooperate best with those who treat them with kindness and respect”, said Dragana Šljukić from the NGO “Association of Psychologists”, underlining the benefits of counselling centres and parenting schools in local communities.

Since February 2017, parents throughout Montenegro have been provided with the opportunity to use a free, national SOS phone line. It was established by the NGO “Parents” within the End Violence campaign initiated by the Government of Montenegro and UNICEF. Executive Director of this NGO Kristina Mihailović reminded that by dialling 080 888 888 parents can share their concerns about raising children with psychologists and social workers every working day.

“We want to help by providing advice, allowing the advising process to happen anonymously and confidentially. Most importantly, parents will receive advice that will specifically relate to their child and family”, said Mihailović, expressing hope that during the campaign local authorities would develop additional services promoting positive parenting.

Public talk about parenting in Pljevlja, as in all other municipalities, was organized with the support of the EU and the Telenor Foundation.