The National SDGs Youth consultation workshop in the Republic of Moldova

Nearly 40 young people from 12 districts of Moldova gathered to discuss their priority Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals
12 April 2019

Nearly 40 young people from 12 districts of Moldova gathered to discuss their priority Sustainable Development Goals at the National Youth Consultation workshop in March 2019. This workshop was organized by UNICEF Moldova in partnership with National Youth Council of Moldova and U-report Moldova.

“Young people are co-creators of solutions. They have so much we can leverage. Their energy, passion, commitment, and the knowledge can make it happen - to achieve Sustainable Development Goals by transiting from ‘ink on paper’ to the reality of the communities, the country, and the planet”, said Desiree Jongsma, UNICEF Representative to the Republic of Moldova in her opening speech.

During the workshop Moldovan young people have identified their priority SDGs, which are SDGs 1,3,4,5,8 and 16 that are being the most important goals in their lives. 

Quality Education was chosen as a priority goal by the majority of participants. They found this goal to be the most important as they believe that education can bring positive changes in all spheres of lives. Especially, they emphasized the need for obtaining practical skills rather than purely theoretical ones. They have also, stressed the need for better quality teachers, better school equipment, as well as gender, and sexual education.


U-reporter Moldova
SDG Consultation


At the end of the consultation, all the participants signed pledges what they commit to do in 2019 to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Some of them promised to initiate volunteer groups to promote SDGs on social networks, some - to take part in camps and discussions focusing on gender equality awareness, others were motivated to contribute to the installation of trash cans in their home towns and villages, and many more diverse and concrete pledges were developed by participants.


“Our generation is global now and we see ourselves as Earth citizens. Therefore, through our actions we can contribute to the development of our local communities and to a world we all want to live in.”  

Valeriu Dragalin

As a part of the consultation on the topic of Sustainable Development Goals, UNICEF Moldova has conducted two online consultations with young people through the real-time monitoring mechanism - U-report. More than 1300 people across the country participated in two polls seeking to understand the level of SDG awareness among young people and their roles in achieving those goals.

In these consultations, it was identified that young population of Moldova is not very much informed about the Sustainable Development Goals, two-thirds of the participants have not heard about the goals before. However, seven out of ten respondents, across all age groups think about their future and believe that global trends and development affects them personally.

SDG Pledges

U-Report is a digital tool for social monitoring in real time and encourages community development through social networks. Being simple to use and 100% anonymous, it creates the perfect environment for adolescents to engage in social change. The U-Report platform is present in 55 countries and has over six million users. 

Sustainable Development Goals are 17 goals and 169 objectives, which 193 governments – members of the UN - agreed to reach by 2030. These goals target to eradicate poverty and inequality, promote sustainable development, good governance and sustaining peace, and address climate change issues. Young people have a crucial role in contribution to the SDGs, development of innovative solutions, driving social progress and inspiring political change.

Achieving ambitious Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and leaving no one behind is only possible if young population, which is 1.8 billion around the world and one-fourth of all population of Moldova, will be closely involved into implementation and monitoring of the progress towards Sustainable World. Young people in Moldova have great potential to reach the Global Goals and make Agenda 2030 a reality. However, the success of their activities will require further support from International Organizations, Civil Society organizations, and local government.