Youth SCORE Index Republic of Moldova

Secondary data analysis report


The SCORE Index is an innovative analytical tool designed to measure society’s level of social cohesion. SCORE was originally developed in Cyprus by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Centre for Sustainable Peace and Democratic Development[1]. SCORE has been implemented in Cyprus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Liberia, Ukraine, Nepal, and Moldova. Evidence collected through the SCORE is used to design specific programmes aimed at strengthening social cohesion and transforming society towards a peaceful and sustainable development.

The national representative survey that supported the definition of the SCORE Youth Index was conducted in Moldova with UN support in 2016-2018 separately for adults and youth. Key elements of the SCORE Index in Moldova, including that of SCORE Youth, focus on five key dimensions:

1. Constructive citizenship

2. Reversal of brain drain and emigration trends

3. Openness towards out-groups

4. Sharing a human rights ethos

5. Support for gender equality and inclusion

The youth- and adolescent- focused SCORE Index also examined perceptions on discrimination and respect for diversity, issues of self-awareness and self-esteem, and the ability of youth to participate in decisions affecting their lives. The survey that supported the definition of the Youth SCORE Index also examined perceptions regarding equal access to quality education and employment opportunities, engagement in harmful health behaviors (e.g., alcohol and tobacco use), and levels of violence experienced at home, in school, and in the broader society.

This report focuses on findings from the secondary data analysis of the key five dimensions, followed by conclusions of the analysis of the 12 topics, which is presented in the Annex section. These 12 topics—each presented as separate thematic brief—are: (1) Violence Against Children; (2) Access to Information; (3) Education; (4) Mental Health and Self-Esteem; (5) Trust in Institutions; (6) Tolerance; (7) View about the future of the country; (8) Human Rights; (9) Aspiration for future; (10) Participation; (11) Gender, and; (12) Parenting



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