Children without adequate parental care

in the Republic of Moldova

rural children


Over the past two decades Moldova has been in the process of transitioning from a Soviet based system to a market economy. One of the results of this transition has been the emigration of significant numbers of Moldovans to Western Europe and Russia in search of employment opportunities. Estimates put the number at more than 330,000 or a full one-quarter of Moldova’s economically active population. 

This exodus has resulted in more than 20% of Moldova’s children left behind by one or both parents working abroad, an issue that was recognized as a growing concern beginning in 2006. Particular concerns around issues related to protection, care strategies and guardianship, custody and legal representation exist for this group of children and others who are without adequate parental care.

Only 63% of Moldova’s children live with both parents and 11% do not live with either of their biological parents.

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