Children of Moldova

Statistical Publication, 2020

UNICEF Moldova


The statistical publication “Children of Moldova” is the 3rd edition developed by the National Bureau of Statistics and summarizes the main indicators characterizing the child’s situation in the Republic of Moldova during 2014-2019. The publication is structured into 9 chapters which contains data on the following aspects: demography, children’s health and education, juvenile justice, social protection, situation of families with children as well territorial and international data.

The publication was developed on the basis of the data received from institutions, and organizations, population by conducting selective surveys and other statistical surveys, data from other data producers such as: National Agency for Public Health, Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Protection, Public Services Agency, National Insurance House, National Council for Determining Disability and Work Capacity, Ministry of Internal Affairs, National Administration of Penitentiaries, Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, National Book Chamber etc.

The information is presented without data on the left side of the river Nistru and the municipality Bender, except specially mentioned cases, when the indicators are presented in total for the country.

The publications is available in Excel format.

More detailed information is available on National Bureau of Statistics offcial website under the heading: Products and services / Publications /  Children of Moldova

The publication has been developed with the support of the UNICEF Moldova.

National Bureau of Statistics
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